Breathing fresh air

Breathing fresh air.jpg

The boss is wearing:

GLASSES: * S O R G O – WIRE / Wood (G)
LEAVES: [Black Bantam] Koala Bear Leaves For Human |@New | @TheForest
NECKLACE: [ kunst ] – Pocket Watch / Silver | @New | @Limit8
JACKET: BlankLine DenimJacke with Shirts | @New | @ULTRA
TATTO:.Reckless. –  Port | @New | @TMD
PANTS: BlankLine Jeans002_TMP [Beige] |@New | @ULTRA
WATCH: [Deadwool] Nuvolari chronograph | @New

Left guy is wearing…



KOALA: [Black Bantam] Koala Bear Buddy |@New | @TheForest
CABINET: Serenity Style– Neva’s  Inspiration Cabinet | @Shiny Shabby
SHELF: Serenity Style– Neva’s  Inspiration Pomegranate Shelf | @ShinyShabby
RAG: Serenity Style– Neva’s Rag | @ShinyShabby
COFFEE GRINDER: Serenity Style– Neva’s  Inspiration Coffee Grinder | @ShinyShabby
WOOD BOWLS: Serenity Style– Neva’s  Inspiration Wood Bowls | @ShinyShabby
EGG BOWLS: Serenity Style– Neva’s  Inspiration Eggs Bowl  | @ShinyShabby
CART: Serenity Style– Neva’s  Inspiration Cart | @ShinyShabby

CHAIR: Serenity Style– And I think to myself chair | @Love To Decorate
SHELF 2: Serenity Style– And I think to myself shelf | @Love To Decorate
SHED: .:revival:. indian summer shed dust | @Love To Decorate

BLANKETS: Serenity Style– Autumn Pile of blankets | @Tres Chic
BLUES PUMPKINS: Serenity Style– Autumn blues pumpkins | @Tres Chic
AUTUMN: Serenity Style– Autumn blues | @Tres Chic
PILE OF BLANKETS: Serenity Style– Autumn Pile of blankets | @Tres Chic

DOG: JIAN Lively Labs :: Adult (Wanderer) | @The Arcade
CUTTING BOARD: Amala – Vegetable Cutting Board | @The Arcade
CLIPBOARD AND GRINDERS: Amala – Clipboard and Grinders | @The Arcade
FLOWERS: Amala – Antique Jug of Flowers – White | @The Arcade

RACK: .:revival:. drying rack – ADULT | @FAMESHED
BUCKETS: .:revival:. buckets combo | @FAMESHED
BROOM: .:revival:. broom set | @FAMESHED




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